Driver 2 - Dreamcast

Also known as: 'Driver 2 Back On The Streets'
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Racing: Car / Adventure: Free Roaming

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AllintheGame - launching the first UK agency dedicated to writers working in the computer games industry Press Release

Voice production and localisation company announces that it is now representing some of the best UK and US games, TV, theatre and radio scriptwriters.

16 Jun 2004

Atari Shares Hammered by DRIV3R Slip News

Reflections off Christmas card list as Atari loses key fiscal boost.

29 Jan 2004

Driver 3 slips again as PSOne to PS2 development leap plagues another UK developer News

More slippage as further ground given to GTA

03 Apr 2003

Infogrames options film and TV rights for Driver franchise Press Release

Constantin Film and Impact Pictures to bring us the big screen version.

03 Mar 2003

Driver movie revealed News

Latest franchise jump gets green light.

24 Feb 2003

Good Financial News For Infogrames Press Release

Infogrames closes fiscal 2001 as #2 third-party publisher of interactive entertainment software.

06 Feb 2003

Driver 2 takes Game of the Year award News

Infogrames picks up top award

27 Apr 2001

Infogrames’ Driver 2 Wins Prestigious Blockbuster Entertainment Award Press Release

Voted favorite video game of the year.

23 Apr 2001

Driver 2 On PlayStation. Press Release

All cities now feature curved roads, life-like on-and-off freeway ramps and twisting roads, allowing for a more challenging driving experience.

11 May 2000

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