Jimmy White's 2: Cueball - PlayStation

Got packs, screens, info?
Also for: PC, Dreamcast
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Sport: Snooker
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Awesome Play Soft. Co.: VIE
Publishers: VIE (GB/GB)
Released: 9 Mar 2000 (GB)
Unknown (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Analogue JoyPad, Memory Card, Digital JoyPad


Smiling benignly from the case cover, Jimmy ‘The Whirlwind’ White invites you round to his place for a relaxing night in. The windy one’s house (I should say mansion, really) is a treasure trove of games to sit back and enjoy. Snooker and pool are, of course, the main events on offer. But wait, before you go back to your copy of Pool Shark, there’s more on offer. Also included are darts, draughts, a one-armed bandit and a middle-aged man’s jukebox in the two games rooms available, plus the legendary Archer MacLean’s ‘Defender-U-Also-Like’ Dropzone.

Getting to grips with the controls when playing snooker or pool can be a little daunting at first; keep that manual close by until you really know what you’re doing. But once you’re away, you’ll most probably find yourself burning up the baize like Jimmy himself. There is as much help as you could possibly need with your shots given in an unobtrusive box in the corner of the screen.

The other traditional pub games indicate a top value package. Granted, the darts option is a scream with a human opponent, it’s always nice to play Dropzone, but draughts and the bandit do seem like filler. Think about it…draughts in a computer game. We have come a long way.

Overall, Jimmy White’s 2 is a fine looking game, and, once mastered, can provide a relaxed yet entertaining alternative to the all-action titles available these days. Whether, like Jimmy, you live in the lap of luxury, or you have to sit on a tea chest to play your games, enjoy your evening.