‘Strip’ Pool – Glamour Models on PSP

PSP Pocket Pool has ‘provocative adult theme’. Filth! Utter and complete filth!

Posted by Staff
So, what kind of thing can grab the attention of any hot-blooded heterosexual male (or lesbian female, for that matter) PSP gamer? Think hard now. HARD.

Yes! That’s right, portable, secretive t’n’a for you to view at your own convenience whenever and in whichever public convenience you like.

So it’s not really surprising that Conspiracy Entertainment Europe is bringing out a PSP pool title called Pocket Pool (see what they did?) which features a ‘provocative adult theme’ - you get to see more T’n’A the better you play.

The unlockable adult content (some of which you can see here) in the game is provided by J. Stephen Hicks, described by Conspiracy Entertainment as “the web’s premier glamour photographer”. You can see a taster of Hick’s work at SPOnG's dedicated Pocket Pool page (warning: potentially NSFW!).

Back to the game, there are 13 ‘scintillating’ pool games including 9 ball, 8 ball, Rotation, Black Jack and Snooker to please and satisfy any pool shark. Players can spend their time in bars, pool halls, a cruise ship, casinos, night clubs and mansion playrooms. The game has the requisite realistic physics and full 3D engine.

Most importantly, the Dream Models appear as playable characters in the game and as players advance through the various game modes they unlock better the video clips and image galleries, with 20 Dream Models videos, 100 steamy pictures and ‘extra special’ online downloads.

Filth, just filth!

SPOnG has ordered its review copy and we will be bringing you the full, unexpurgated review in the very near future!

SPOnG has a fondness for snooker and pool videogames. We spent perhaps much more of our lives than we should playing Archer MacLean’s classic Jimmy White’s Cueball series, back in the day. And, for our sins, we are seriously looking forward to Sega’s World Championship Snooker due early in the new year.

Pocket Pool releases in January on PSP at around £20 with a 16+ rating.


king skins 13 Dec 2006 14:06
not enough scantily clad chicks in the screen shots ;)
Joji 13 Dec 2006 14:30
Not really worth £20 but I guess its about what you want more, the titilation of porn or the game beneath it or vice versa.

How many top shelf girlie mags in WH Smith (if needed) for £20 does that get you? Better still just hunt for proper PSPorn on UMD on import if you need to.

So here's one for you, Mr PSporn owner, watching your porn on the bus/train to work in a true japanese style. You bad boy, you.
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RiseFromYourGrave 13 Dec 2006 14:58
20 quid is a lot for an issue of FHM
DoctorDee 13 Dec 2006 19:10
RiseFromYourGrave wrote:
20 quid is a lot for an issue of FHM

How about 42p for a copy of Maxim?

That's what I pay. They sent me a very special £9.99 for two years subscription offer, and like a fool I bit - but it's so crap it still feels like a rip off.

I'd rather pay for Arena... it feels like the writers can write joined up and everything, despite them being critically wrong about the Wii.

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