Ferrari F355 Challenge - Dreamcast

Also known as: F355 Challenge Passione Rossa

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Also for: PS2
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Racing: Car
Arcade origin:No
Developer: AM2 Soft. Co.: SEGA
Publishers: Acclaim (GB/US)
Released: 20 Oct 2000 (GB)
Unknown (US/JP)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Visual Memory Card, VGA Compatible, Steering Wheel, Vibration Pack


Ferrari F355 Challenge for the Sega Dreamcast is the real driving simulator. No other racing game has ever come this close to recreating the feel of driving one of the most desirable supercars on the planet. Ferrari is a challenging game, it does not reward your early attempts at success. You all race the same performance cars, so don’t expect to win due to any extra horsepower under your bonnet. You’ll need to master the racing line, out-brake your opponents and fully understand the characteristics of the car to be in there with a chance. If you persevere, you will find one of the most realistic and enjoyable simulations created so far.

Even though F355 is a tough nut to crack, it offers a brilliant training mode and multiple driving assists. In the training mode the racing line is displayed in red and an instructor tells you when to brake or change gear. There are also four driver assists that can be toggled on or off during the race. Stability control, traction control, ABS and the intelligent braking system. The intelligent braking system is great for beginners, it automatically slows the car down as you approach the corners so you so don’t go flying off the track. Unfortunately, it is a little too conservative so winning races is a little out of the question. The sooner you feel ready to turn these assist functions off the better as it increases the realism of the game. You can be flying around a corner too fast and suddenly feel the car slip away into a slide. Then full acceleration, turn into the corner, feel the tires fight for traction and suddenly you’re away again.

The graphics are stunning in F355, the game looks beautiful and runs at a silky smooth 60 frames per second. Even in the excellent two-player mode the game plays at the same frame rate. The ultimate in home racing has to be two Dreamcasts, two copies of F355, two steering wheels and one link cable. The sound effects are amazing but the music is better when it’s turned off. With 11 tracks to master, on-line functions and multi-player options, F355 is the one to own. Pride, passion, legacy, this is where it all begins.