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Watch Your Privacy! ESRB to Rate Downloadable Games News

Introduces new privacy-based ratings.

25 Oct 2012

U.S. Supreme Court: "Video Games Qualify For First Amendment Protection" News

Decision is in from Supreme Court of the USA sees Californian government as hypocrites.

27 Jun 2011

US Games Publishers Association Not Getting Political News

Fewer kids buy M-Rated Games though

21 Apr 2011

USA: ESRB to Kill Human's Role in Game Rating News

Well, the ESRB is swapping from people to machines

18 Apr 2011

Game Raters Don't Play Rated Games News

It can be too hard for them

07 Feb 2011

ESRB Retracts "Creepy Voyeurism" DoA Comments News

Apologises, says it was 'in error'.

04 Feb 2010

Violent Video Game Law to Supreme Court News

Leland Yee-haa!

23 Feb 2009

Family Institute on Video Games: Parents must Step Up News

Gives Games RatingsThumbs Up

26 Nov 2008

ESRB: When is a Video Game Law not a Law? News

And how does the ESRB legislate for websites?

28 Oct 2008

Kids Can Buy Adult Games: Survey Shocker News

Undercover survey reveals age ratings being ignored

22 Nov 2007

ESA Paid Lobbyist £100,000 News

"Peanuts"? Did anybody say "peanuts?"

27 Sep 2007

'Truth in Games Ratings' Bill Rears Ugly Head News

Senator Sam Brownback on the ‘Truth in Video Game Rating Act’

15 Feb 2007

Battle Lines Drawn in Looming US Games Ratings War – Full Report News

Clinton and ESRB fire first shots.

30 Nov 2005

Green light for gaming as inspection gives all-clear News

Rating system praised

06 Dec 2001

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