Planet Moon to concentrate solely on PSP

Developer 'Infected' by appetite for handheld success

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Armed & Dangerous
Armed & Dangerous
Following concerns about the PSP's shaky price point, it has been confirmed that Planet Moon Studios is amongst the first developers to display an unambiguous confidence in Sony's plans. Gamespot has revealed that the maker of Giants and Armed & Dangerous is embarking on a PSP-exclusive title, currently named 'Infected'. "The development studio [is] leaving the high-pressure, high-priced, and cutthroat competitive turf of PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox development for the unproven terrain of PSP development."

Other small developers could soon follow suit, attracted by the increased opportunity to develop original titles. If such companies can be the first to get on the PSP bandwagon, they could be amply rewarded. Whereas Armed & Dangerous struggled to shift sufficient units, there was a distinct quality there - if Planet Moon can produce similarly stylised games to bulk out Sony's early PSP roster, it would certainly provide a profitable foundation for a company at the mercy of an incredibly competitive industry.

"It felt like a gamble walking into E3, but looking at the PSP and holding it and talking to people about it, and understanding it, we're not nervous anymore." said Aaron Leob, producer at Planet Moon, assuredly.

Whilst Sony is struggling to add weight to its handheld ambitions, it will welcome such news. At the moment, there are very few games planned that won't be available in similar guises on other machines. Infected will now join Death Jr. as a PSP-exclusive, both of which will consequently be closely monitored with great interest.


Funky 1 Jun 2004 13:06
Here's hoping for a Command & Conquer style game. With zombies. And ninjas. And pirates. Or maybe zombe ninja pirates. That would be badass.
Joji 1 Jun 2004 18:04
That's a big gamble, good luck to it paying off. Wouldn't be surprised if Infected is a FPS.

Perhaps a C&C game would be nice, but that sort of game is more likely to be on the DS because of the stylus interface, next best thing to using a mouse.

I don't see how PSP would handle such a game. PSone had enough trouble with C&C.
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