SNK lawsuit cash bonanza!

Aruze pays big for infringement.

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SNK lawsuit cash bonanza!
SNK Playmore has won its lawsuit against former affiliate Aruze in the Tokyo and Osaka District Courts, to the tune of $29.2 million, a hugely welcome cash injection for the firm.

The case stemmed from Aruze in the aftermath of SNK’s seemingly endless bankruptcy avoidance shenanigans, putting out eleven pachinko machines and PlayStation 2 pachinko simulators featuring characters from King of Fighters, Metal Slug and Samurai Spirits.

Fans of SNK will be hoping that a considerable amount of this cash will be invested into the next-generation evolution of its intellectual properties, and not to buy floor space in Japan’s pachinko emporiums.

However, given SNK Playmore director Koichi Sotoyama’s recent outburst, the chances of a considerable video games investment seem further away than ever. “We will focus our core business activities from games to pachinko and slot machines. Slot machines will be predominant, as at present the slots industry is growing in size and profitability.”

We’ll bring you everything SNK, right here, as it breaks.


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