SNK breaks free of Neo Geo! 3D KOF soon!

Sammy announcement sends shockwaves of justice.

Posted by Staff
SNK breaks free of Neo Geo! 3D KOF soon!
Speaking to press at the JAMMA Show yesterday, Sammy shocked the world in announcing a deal with SNK Playmore that looks set to finally spawn a 3D King of Fighters game.

Sammy stated that SNK will make use of its Atomiswave arcade platform, which Sammy itself manufactures from dormant Dreamcast stock.

Sammy went on to say that several of SNK’s series had been reviewed for transplantation to Atomiswave, and that several full development kits had been in place for some time.

Of course in the wider sense, this is massive news for SNK, arguably the most important news in years. With Atomiswave, SNK Playmore will finally have a viable and marketable port-friendly machine, now that the harrowing memory of the Hyper Neo Geo 64 is faded.


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