Neo Geo "Pocket" Handheld Coming to UK for Amazing Price

When we say "Amazing" we mean... 500

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Neo Geo "Pocket" Handheld Coming to UK for Amazing Price
According to MCV, "Video game accessories and retro console specialist Blaze has struck a deal with Japan?s SNK Playmore and US distributor Tommo to bring the NeoGeo X handheld console to market."

The handheld, also called the Pocket was reported to exist as far back as January. It's now been confirmed by Blaze that it will "come with 20 licensed games built-in, such as Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters ?94. The NeoGeo X will also feature an SD card slot, a 3.5-inch LCD screen, A/V output, internal stereo speakers and a headphone socket."

The price of 500, however, may ensure that the console is used by the same people who buy Fixies, live in Shoreditch London and think that lenless sunglasses are cool.

Games to Ship
Art of Fighting
Baseball Stars
Cyber Lip
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury Special
Football Frenzy
King of the Monsters
Last Resort
League Bowling
Magician Lord
Metal Slug
Mutation Nation
Nam 1975
Samurai Shodown
Super Sidekicks
The King of Fighters ?94
The Ultimate 11
[i]Top Players Go


ohms 16 Mar 2012 10:54
When it was announced I though. I'd buy that for 20-30. Nevermind.
Daz 16 Mar 2012 12:14
500 for a handheld? they can balls
headcasephil 16 Mar 2012 16:24
50 to 100 yes 500 no iv got a gp2x a xpira play that can play neo geo roms iv got a SNK Neo Geo AES to play the gameson the big screen and a neo geo pocket for on the move
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