Acquisition madness bites back

Titus to offload Interplay.

Posted by Staff
Titus has announced plans to sell Interplay, the troubled former owner of Shiny. Having hawked Shiny and its valuable Enter the Matrix, Interplay?s most valuable franchise is Baldur?s Gate, popular but not massively so.

This is the latest nip to be seen as the blight of French companies blindly buying up anything available, powered by government cash and without a workable business plan, comes to its natural conclusion. As companies like Titus and Infogrames recede to their natural size, all that?s left is a bunch of broken promises, canned games and jobless developers. Not good.

However, Titus is confident it will get a decent return from the sale, although no one is sure how, or for what. CEO Herve Caen said, "Our priority is to sell Interplay for a good return.?


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