Fallout: Another Bad Day in Court for Bethesda

Bethesda loses appeal decision against Interplay on Fallout MMO

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Fallout: Another Bad Day in Court for Bethesda
Having recently taken a knockback in the courts regarding the use of the word 'Scrolls' in a new game from Minecraft creator Mojang, Bethesda has hit another bump with Interplay and the Fallout MMO.

It has had an appeal against a preliminary injunction against Interplay regarding Fallout Online and the use of the Fallout story, characters and "other identifiable elements for a limited time".

Joystiq reports that, "United States Court of Appeals documents show that Bethesda's aim was to show "the district court abused its discretion and misapplied the law in concluding that Bethesda failed to establish a likelihood of irreparable harm." And while the property owner continued to delve into fears over Interplay's suspect financial stability (a potential source of said irreparable harm), today's outcome similarly found Bethesda's claims unconvincing."

More on Interplay and Bethesda here.


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