Kojima Scraps Zone of the Enders Sequel

Blames faults in HD Collection

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SDCC 2012
SDCC 2012
Hideo Kojima has halted development on Ender's Project, the Zone of the Enders sequel, casting doubt over the future of the IP.

As part of the recent HideoBlog web radio show Kojima said that the recent HD Collection had not been up to scratch and that it has led to the sequel being killed.

Kojima noted that shifting Zone of the Enders HD Collection up from 30 FPS to 60 FPS hadn't worked as well as he'd hoped, and that this particularly stood out to longtime players. To deal with this, Kojima Productions has developed a patch that will go out for free to all PS3 players. There's nothing coming for the Xbox 360 for the time being, though.

The upshot has been not only the cancelling of the sequel, but also the dismantling of the team that was working on it. Kojima says that he would like to hear from fans once again on whether they want a sequel.

During the show Kojima also had a few things to say about the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection and whether we might see it on an Xbox...

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