Rejoice! SimCity Standalone Mode Arrives

After the clusterfeck launch in 2013 finally... you can play with yourself as long as you have Origin

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Rejoice! SimCity Standalone Mode Arrives
SimCity - a loving reboot of the Maxis Classic or a cynical cash-in - launched to deafening complaint in 2013 (read about that here) but it had one, huge, omission.

In exactly the same way that TitanFall doesn't have a single-player, offline mode... neither did SimCity (the reboot). But now... now all that has changed. For some totally bizarre reason, however, to play offline, on your own, you're still going to have to sign up for EA's Origin service.

The Verge reports: "Update 10, available today, brings a single player mode to the game. Instead of the always-online multiplayer experience that the title launched with, players will be able to nurture their own cities without worrying about neighbors damaging their metropolis or troublesome servers meddling with their gameplay."

Source: Verge



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