Duke Nukem: "The Forrest Gump of WWII"

Not even kidding

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Duke Nukem: "The Forrest Gump of WWII"
If there's one character we never expected to see Duke Nukem compared to, it's Forrest Gump. Nevertheless, that's what Apogee's COO, Terry Nagy, has done in describing Duke Nukem Trilogy, a new handheld appearance for Duke.

"We plan on making Duke the Forrest Gump of World War II", Nagy said to Shacknews. If that leaves you thinking 'what the f**k', well... it's understandable. What he means is that just as Forrest Gump was retro-actively inserted into key historical moments in the Tom Hanks film, so Duke will be in the final episode of Apogee's Duke Nukem Trilogy.

"It was really Duke that sunk the Bismarck", Nagy explained, "It wasn't the British." Apparently the Battle of Iwo Jima is another one we can chalk up to Duke. "[Founder] Scott [Miller] absolutely loved the storyline, claiming that it was 'absolutely Duke'", said Nagy.

Apogee announced that Duke Nukem will be appearing in Trilogy earlier in the week.

When the company said that it will take "full advantage of each platforms strengths", it meant it. The PSP version will feature third-person and first-person sections, with Jetpack shooting probably dealt with over the shoulder, while the DS version will feature side-scrolling action, first-person sniper sections, top-down Jetpack sections, third-person over the shoulder bits and possibly isometric stages. Sounds like Apogee has a lot on its plate.

The first game in the Trilogy, dubbed Critical Mass, takes place in the future, the second (Chain Reaction) brings the action to the present, while in the third (Proving Grounds) we'll get back to WWII.

Nagy expressed some concerns about the game's story and content receiving "challenges" from Nintendo. As such, the devs are already looking into different ways to present "certain graphic situations" in the DS version.

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schnide 18 Jul 2008 09:59
Surely the DS is powerful enough to handle the game in 3D, even if it is just a conversion of the very old Duke Nukem 3D? I'd prefer that, to be honest.

Mmm, multiplayer DS DN3D..
Whatsthechance 4 Oct 2008 00:05
You sure this game will be a blockbuster. Looks like it's stuck in the 60s.
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