PSP: EyeToy, PS3 Update, and PSone Back Catalogue Loom

Major upscaling for Sony portable around the corner.

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PSP: EyeToy, PS3 Update, and PSone Back Catalogue Loom
UK print sources are pointing towards a major upscaling of PSP gaming in the near future, with several long-awaited updates hitting the delectable if somewhat neglected portable in the coming months.

EyeToy, SCEE's seminal motion-sensing camera add-on, will be hitting European shelves in October, a month later than originally pegged by Sony. No details on what we can expect yet, though the usual games are no doubt going to be augmented with photographic functionality of some kind, perhaps with a facility to upload to personalised galleries. Pure speculation, you understand.

New firmware will also be released, on the very same day that Sony launches the PlayStayion 3. The upgrade will open the gates to the new home console, though exactly what is in store is still a secret at this time. As to whether Sony will realise Nintendo's dream of having users operate part of their games via a satellite console remains to be seen, but with wires now out of the loop, any link-up should prove less of a gimmick and more of a real alternative gameplay method.

PlayStation One emulation for PSP is also slated to go live in October, via Sony's emerging PSP download service. It is believed that the first round of titles will include Castlevania, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasies 7 and 8, though SPOnG is unable to confirm any of this at time of press.

Sony is expected to make a major announcement regarding its PlayStation emulation within the next week, at which point we'll bring you full details of what to expect.


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