3DO To Become Nintendo GameCube Publisher

Popular brands are joined by new, original franchises.

Posted by Staff
3DO To Become Nintendo GameCube Publisher
The 3DO Company today announced that it is developing its most popular franchises for the Nintendo GameCube, including Army Men, Cubix Robots for Everyone, High Heat Major League Baseball, and Jonny Moseley Mad Trix, as well as some all-new, ambitious projects. "3DO has a great history of creating games that Nintendo gamers want to play," said Juana Tingdale, vice president of licensing for Nintendo of America. "We are excited to see 3DO bringing games to the Nintendo GameCube that fit so well with our customers." 3DO's Army Men brand has already sold over six million copies worldwide across six different platforms, including the Nintendo 64 video game system, and the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Color video game handheld systems. The Army Men handheld games have been consistent top 10 sellers, having sold several hundred thousand units on the Game Boy Color alone. For the Nintendo GameCube, 3DO is developing the Sarge's War game; a Nintendo GameCube exclusive based on the hit Sarge's Heroes series.

Cubix Robots for Everyone, from 4Kids Entertainment premiered Saturday, August 11, 2001 and has earned top ratings with Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11,Boys 2-11 and Boys 6-11 in its time period against broadcast competition. Set in the future, Cubix takes place in Bubble Town where robots are a part of everyday life. The animated series follows the adventures of a boy named Connor and his robot pal, Cubix, along with a cast of both human and robot friends. They embark on numerous adventures as they attempt to repair damaged robots and ward off their evil nemesis, Dr.K.

The High Heat Baseball game series has received critical acclaim from the press and consumers and has been hailed by many as "one of the greatest sports games ever made." Last year's edition of High Heat continued its tradition of being a gaming industry favorite, receiving "Best Baseball Game" praise from numerous publications including Official PlayStation Magazine, PSE2, PSM, Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer, Silicon Magazine and GamePro. According to GamePro Magazine, "High Heat beats reigning champ Triple Play for the total baseball game that's worth playing all season long." PC Gamer recently named High Heat "one of the top 50 gaming franchises of all time." The High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 game is currently available for the PC, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Game Boy Advance.

The Jonny Moseley Mad Trix game, currently available for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and for Game Boy Advance, is the first trick-based freeskiing game ever made. In the Slopestyle mode, players race through fantastical environments such as snowed-in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Rome, Machu Picchu and many other cities, pulling off sick tricks and competing for medals, sponsors and fame. Big Mountain mode is every player's chance to star in his or her own ski movie. Race at high speeds, hucking yourself off cliffs, launching from the roofs of snowed-in cottages, jumping over trains, and rail sliding on fallen trees. In this mode, out of bounds is fair play!