Ghost Recon Phantoms: Ghostly Launch Trailer

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Ghost Recon Phantoms: Ghostly Launch Trailer
Ghost Recon Phantoms goes live today, and Ubisoft has put out a trailer to make sure you damn well know it.

“The launch trailer is an accurate portrayal of the new DNA of the game. Sleeker, more refined and looking better than ever, it showcases the new character design in a map that our veterans know very well, the Xinyi District. The intense action sequence is just a peek into the intense combat of the game and reinforces the Ghost Recon Phantoms belief that by fighting as a team, you prevail,” Corey Facteau, Phantoms' producer, explained.

Once upon a time the game was Ghost Recon Online, but Ubisoft's given it an overhaul including new backstory, a new UI and new character and weapon designs.

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