Adam Sandler Video Game Movie Horror

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Adam Sandler Video Game Movie Horror
Remember the excellent video from a few years back in which pixels and sprites attack a large New York like city (video below) well, Adam Sandler's going to be in a Hollywood remake of it.

"Harry Potter, The Goonies, and Gremlins director Chris Columbus will direct Pixels in North America this spring. The movie will follow a bunch of video game experts, who have been commissioned by the United States government to protect New York City against an invasion of violent 1980s video game characters..." Quick, check out the original before it's too late.

"The 3D animated feature movie will shoot on location around Toronto and is expected to use heavy special effects. Kevin James and Josh Gad are rumoured to be joining Adam Sandler in the movie."

Film's due out in 2016.

Source: reports The Radio Times.


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