Year of Code - How Not to Do It

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Year of Code - How Not to Do It
Before we go on and show you the sheer ineptitude of the approach that the UK government is taking to its "Year of Code" program via the YoC leader Conservative activist Lottie Dexter, here's how one UK businessman is attempting to sell it.

Scott Fletcher – founder of UK cloud infrastructure specialists ANS Group wanted to take some time out to declare that, "The stated aim of the ‘Year of Code’ is to inspire the next generation of high-tech entrepreneurs. For that to happen we need to be teaching young people business and financial skills as well as interpersonal abilities.” And we thought the point of the Year of Code was about... well, let's see what they say about themselves:

According to the Year of Code: "Year of Code is an independent, non-profit campaign to encourage people across the country to get coding for the first time in 2014. Through code people can discover the power of computer science, changing the way they think about, and get the most out of, the world around them."

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We also know a number of people who are working to bring the ability to write computer programs and web scripts to kids in schools and out in a creative and free way. Nowhere is the line, that these kids are to inspired to be the, "next generation of high-tech entrepreneurs", nor that these children need to be taught, "business and financial skills as well as interpersonal abilities."

It's a terrible shame for someone like Scott Fletcher to attempt to co-opt something that could be a genuine aid to people's creative thinking and life-changing learning. Even more so when his focus appears to be that, "We should also focus on typing skills from an early age. It is astonishing how many high-grade programmers continue to ply their trade with a ham-fisted, two finger technique." Typing skills.

Now, let's see how Lottie understands coding - that being her focus.


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