The Order 1886 Gameplay Vid: Percival and Galahad in Action

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The Order 1886 Gameplay Vid: Percival and Galahad in Action
Here's a new video of The Order 1886, Sony and Ready at Dawn's mysterious steampunkish PS4 shooter. It has gameplay footage, shedding more light on how the thing will actually work.

Over on the PlayStation Blog today the game's creative director, Ru Weerasuriya, discussed (among other things) how the game plays a little more, explaining its cover mechanics. "Yes, there is cover as you might have seen in other games, but we’ve added traversal modes. You’ll go seamlessly from ‘full cover’ into ‘soft cover’ as you move away from an object. Imagine you’re in cover, you’re shooting at something and you want to pop out. You don’t just stick your head up, right? You’d still stay low. So we’ve tried to build a bit more reality into the cover system," he said.

The Order 1886 is due out some time this year.

More from Weerasuriya on the PS Blog.


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