Trials Fusion Dated and Priced at 15.99

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Trials Fusion Dated and Priced at £15.99
Trials Fusion, the follow-up to Trials Evolution, the bike-stunt-damn-it one-more-go game will be available from April 16th as a download for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam.

It's going to cost 15.99, and there's going to be a boxed version of the game out at the same price on the 18th of April. There's also going to be a Season Pass for... yup 15.99.

The Season Pass will pay for six forthcoming DLC packs to be released up until 30th April 2015. We have an official trailer with no commentary from us on it below. We don't endorse it because we've not yet played the game, but it will give you an idea, so enjoy it.


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