Ultimate Gay Fighter - Why?

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Ultimate Gay Fighter - Why?
Ultimate Gay Fighter is, as it's name suggests, a fighting game featuring gay and lesbian people. It's due to come out (pardon the pun) on iOS and Android devices. We have a video of it below.

Frankly, it looks dull and surely it needs to be judged on that basis. But of course, using LGBT people as the main characters in the game has resulted in more than: "2/5 Dull Move On" reactions.

Polygon reports that, "the game's maker Michael Patrick told Polygon that was the whole point of the exercise. "It is based on the 2D games of the 90's I grew up with, but there's nothing deep to be pondered in the characters," he said. "I believe that if you have the ability to laugh at yourself and someone's perception of you based on a stereotype, you can ease social tension and realize that stereotypes don't define a person, yet there can be truth in them. The humor and camp of UGF is meant to be taken at face value for entertainment. I say let's just laugh, enjoy it, and live our lives."

See for yourself below:

via Polygon


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