Ultra Street Fighter IV Release Details Announced

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Release Details Announced
Capcom has announced the release details for Ultra Street Fighter IV, stating that it will be on console in early summer next year, with a PC version to come a little earlier.

Capcom tells us over on the Unity Blog that, "the digital upgrade will be available in early June for $14.99 (14.99) on PS3 and Xbox 360. Following shortly after in August, is the digital upgrade for PC at $14.99 (14.99), as well as the PS3 and Xbox360 full digital bundle and retail versions, which include all previously-released costumes for $39.99 (39.99)."

There's a little something to sweeten the pot for PC users, who have to wait. "We have a special deal where they can get the full digital bundle including all of the previously-released costumes for only $29.99 (29.99), also in August," says Capcom.
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Look at them knockers! How far videogames have come since the 1980s
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