Capcom Warns of Dragon's Dogma Save Problems

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Capcom Warns of Dragon's Dogma Save Problems
Capcom is warning of problems with the recent Dragon's Dogma title update, warning players of both the original and the Dark Arisen expansion to back-up their game saves.

The publisher notes that, "The TU, in some cases, has caused players' DD save data to become corrupted (cue Olra purification jokes), meaning the game will no longer save or load their game progress."

The solution suggested for the time being goes thusly: "To prevent the possibility of permanent loss of your data, please copy your existing save data (whether it be DD or DDDA) to an external storage device or cloud whenever possible--especially if you are picking up the game for the first time in awhile or switching over to Dark Arisen for the first time."

If you keep suffering from the problem, it's suggested that you play the game offline. Capcom says that it is investigating the issue and hopes to have a solution soon.

If you don't fancy taking your chances with any of the above solutions, you could fill a few of your empty Dragon's Dogma minutes by reading our Dark Arisen review here.


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