God of War: Ascension Will Launch With Themed PS3

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God of War: Ascension Will Launch With Themed PS3
God of War: Ascension will be launching alongside a fancy new PlayStation 3 design on March 15th. Sony has unveiled the game-themed console, which features a brand new Classic White Super Slim, a Kratos controller and a Special Edition copy of the game.

The Special Edition God of War: Ascension comes in a steelbook package which houses the game (obviously), a soundtrack CD, XP unlock codes for the multiplayer mode and a theme and avatar for your PSTriple.

Take a peek at the image there and see if it tickles your fancy. We quite like the white console, but the controller clashes a bit. It's fitting that you'll be smashing the face buttons on Kratos' face on the DualShock, as Kratos himself smashes his fists into elephants and whatnot in the game. Magic.

Here's the game's Superbowl ad from the weekend, if you've not seen it already.


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