PS3 Skyrim DLC Watch: Bethesda Still Working on Them

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Skyrim Dawnguard DLC
Skyrim Dawnguard DLC
So, how's the work on that Skyrim DLC for PlayStation 3 coming along, Bethesda? Progress has been slow, but it seems that eager gamers will have to wait a little bit longer - the company's Vice President Pete Hines has said that it is still working on it.

One angry gamer had enough, and vented to Hines about the issue on Twitter. "Surely we deserve a bit more than that don't you think? That's the same answer we were getting for dawnguard. Look how that went..." Hines replied with, "No, we said we were still working on Dawnguard. We have committed to Dragonborn release. Just haven't announced date yet."

Dragonborn will be the first PS3 Skyrim DLC to be released, owing to priorities made by Bethesda to get its "best add-on" to the platform first. In the year since Skyrim was released, the Xbox 360 has seen multiple DLC packs launched on Xbox Live. The PlayStation 3 has yet to see one. Let's hope those add-ons come soon.

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pink floyd 11 Jan 2013 18:31
wow is it me or is these skyrim articles just turning into a deja-vu demension.
anonymous 11 Jan 2013 19:45
f**k you bethesda, give me my money back
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rdyer347 11 Jan 2013 19:48
i'll believe it when i see it Bethesda...who knows if i'll care anymore... i mean, after watching my xbox friends play all the dlcs already, spoiling all the surprise and completing all the new missions, its not really fun anymore..
donewithwaiting 11 Jan 2013 21:12
so heres 1 if ya can't get it to ps3 owners send us a free skyrim 360 with the game and all the dlc for free since ya know we have all been gettin pulled around and tired of "we're working on it" it's sad bs like that that get so many ppl mad when ma3 didn't end the way ppl wanted they changed it fast but when ur sales go done u say nothing and give nothing sad day for gamers when ya buy a game and get nothing in return.
nottum 11 Jan 2013 21:22
what is the point in getting upset over something like this now. just move on to a different game and come back to skyrim when dlc arrives!
kshadowknight 11 Jan 2013 21:49
I'm getting annoyed with their bs about the release of these dlc
Sly_Duo 11 Jan 2013 22:15
Okay, now I'm not the type to actually speak my thoughts to any game company when I dislike something in the game, nor have I ever had the chance to actually complain about not receiving DLC for the PS3. Why, why oh why does it have to be Bethesda that brings me out of my shell? I have been playing there games since I got my first PS3, which was the 36G model, pretty old. And they have been pushing me to the point of banning their games from my list forever. I want some results Bethesda, not your sorry excuse for apologies. Give your apologies when you actually do something for once. Give us some hope that you aren't just twiddling your thumbs in the background. If this is where a top game company is going... I don't want to put my hopes and dreams into becoming a game designer. I am very disappointed, do something, fast, Bethesda, please.
Sarcasm 11 Jan 2013 23:03
Black Ops 2 is a pretty good game. The new zombie map looks a challenge :)
Palmer 12 Jan 2013 00:57
You are a xboxer there is no other way you are that heartless [email protected]
Lol 12 Jan 2013 01:03
Im playin it on the ps3 and i don care about the dlc. I'm still gonna get it when it comes out but it doesn't ruin my opinion of the game since its awesome. What really made me mad is valves lack of interest on l4d and l4d2 on the ps3. But it was on sale on steam so i bought it for pc.
mikey 12 Jan 2013 02:26
@anonymous I don't get all the f-yous and stuff directed at bethesda, I don't buy games to play the DLC, I buy DLC to play DLC. While whatever happened shouldn't have happened, all the hate thrown at them is not warranted.
Tyler 12 Jan 2013 03:21
@Sarcasm damn straight. black ops 2 is awesome. trearch is awesome. there are an amazing gaming company. i bought black ops first day of release. there was a problem on the ps3 about waiting in the lobby forever to start a multiplayer game. here's a log of what happened:

Day 1 of release: problem was brought into the light
Day 2: treyarch began developing a patch to fix problem
Day 3: Version 1.01 was released, problem fixed

THAT'S how you treat your loyal fans (you can't even really call them fans because they're CUSTOMERS of your BUSINESS). the new dlc looks amazing for black ops 2 and yes, there is an xbox exclusivity. but do i care? no. because i know treyarch will be release that s**t for ps3 and pc exactly 30 days after the xbox release. why? because they'll make sure the dlc is complete and bug free for all consoles before they even release it for one. THAT'S how you act like a great gaming company that gives a bit of professionalism to their customers. F**k you bethesda, i've gotten bored of skyrim anyway.
Vic 12 Jan 2013 06:09
I hope that we ps3 owners get an advantage like lower price on the dlc's or something cause really I think we are all getting tired of the s**t and it would be a good way for Bethesda to repent on their crimes lol.
Nick L 12 Jan 2013 11:12
ninja62289 12 Jan 2013 16:14
I admit, skyrim is still a great game even without the dlcs. It just bugs me that us ps3 owners have been getting the lower end of the stick. Scratch that, no stick at all actually. Kinda feel neglected as a fan and as a customer. We want to play your dlcs bethesda. Waiting sucks, especially when the whole time we're waiting, your products are already being played by another console. I don't like the feeling of being left out. I'm guessing that this complaining is going to be worthless anyway. I'll again hear the phrase: we're working on it. Where's the evidence?! I haven't seen s#!t
ninja62289 12 Jan 2013 16:33
If another dlc comes out for xbox before ps3 gets the dlcs that are already out, that you be the final straw for me. I'm already feeling offended but than I would feel to offended that I won't touch another bethesda game.
rdyer347 12 Jan 2013 17:46
lately i've moved on to other games, black ops 2, waiting on gta v, etc...i feel my money is better spent that way. dunno if i'll even come back to skyrim anymore. and why should i? this is how they treat ps3 owners..too bad, it was a pretty cool game, ruined by s**tty onesided support from microsoft dickriders
c'mon man 13 Jan 2013 16:37
every comment box on every site looks the same to be frank. we know this. people have the right to be pissed and drop f-bombs left and right. what grinds my gears is when people that the gam is still awesome without the dlc. that much is true if you havent completed every mission to the point that all thats left are dark brotherood missions. with that said, stfu and speak for yourself. the wait for dlc is utterly absurd and i promise you this will effect the company. we pay 64 bucks for bs excuses and to be a victim of exclusivity rights. gtfoh
Strom 15 Jan 2013 03:46
For heaven sake people. I'd like to play the DLC on PS3 but asking for your money back? Really? You paid for a game when you bought the game, not the DLC. Honestly Skyrim packs alot more value than most games without the DLC in terms of playable hours. You got what you paid for when you bought the game. You did not get ripped off.
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