Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film Goes Inception

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Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film Goes Inception
What happens when people are disillusioned with game-based movies? They club together and make their own ones, of course! An amateur studio called Blue Core has released a small-budget Sonic the Hedgehog live action film, featuring CG graphics and a soundtrack seemingly lifted from Inception.

The 18-minute short briefly shows the world of 'Mobius' in peril as the scientist Dr Kintobor goes a bit mad and starts enslaving the human population. That's where Sonic comes in and starts busting up E-102 Gamma robots and Buzzbombers. There are also cameos from Doug Walker (That Guy With the Glasses) and James Rolfe (The Angry Video Game Nerd).

According to the video's description, the film is a "spec" project, meaning that it is intended to form part of a portfolio to present to keen movie studio employers - "the primary purpose being to show how a Sonic the Hedgehog film, in a live action environment, can be executed." It obviously has nothing to do with SEGA in the slightest.

Watch it below. What do you think?


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