Dead Island Rapper, Sam B, Releases a Music Video

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Dead Island Rapper, Sam B, Releases a Music Video
There's going to be a sequel to Dead Island, called Riptide. Whether that's good news or not remains to be seen, but we do know that Techland isn't letting go of the whole Sam B rapper thing. The developer has made another music video from the virtual hip-hopper, which features real actors and even a collaboration with real-life rapper Chamillionnaire.

You might remember Sam B as one of the protagonists in the original Dead Island - a character that really gave weight and nuance to the whole 'emotional bond' that the game was attempting to convey. He had a hit song in that game too. It was called Who Do You Voodoo, Bitch. Yep.

Sam B's apparently "gone missing" (shame), but thankfully someone was kind enough to finish off one of his last tracks and release it, music video and all. Which brings us to No More Room in Hell.

We're more than aware that, by posting this video, we're not exactly helping the situation. But, give credit where it's due - it's a better marketing play than chucking kids out of windows, at the very least.


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