Where's Sonic? SEGA's Lost Him in This Book

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Where's Sonic? SEGA's Lost Him in This Book
What does the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise mean to you, gentle gamer? If it means running around loop-de-loops and bopping on badniks, then get yourself a Mega Drive (or Sonic Generations). If it means hiding from the world amidst a chaotic scramble of colourful characters and objects, then you'll probably want to get this Where's Sonic book.

Yep, SEGA has announced that it has lent its mascot's name to a search-and-find children's book. In a similar vein to Where's Wally, you're tasked with looking for Sonic and a bunch of his mates in classic and nostalgic environments. Look, there's Green Hill Zone on the cover!

This isn't the first time the blue blur has had a search-and-find book dedicated to him, either - this is actually the second publication to bear the Where's Sonic name, with the original published back in the early 1990s. At a time when you could buy absolutely everything with Sonic's mug on it.

Pan Macmillan is publishing the tome - and hopefully won't get sued by Walker Books - and it'll be on shop shelves across Europe from Friday 19th October.


Seganews.net 13 Oct 2012 12:39
It's actually the third book, as the second book (also released in the 90's) was called 'Where's Sonic now?'.
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