Skyforge - PC

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Skyforge (PC)
Viewed: 3D Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: Download Arcade origin:No
Developer: Allods Team Soft. Co.: Mail.Ru Group
Publishers: Mail.Ru Group (GB)
Released: Apr 2015 (GB)


In Skyforge, players develop from immortals, to mighty champions, to powerful gods gaining and developing their mortal followers and powers along the way. Empowered by the faith and skill of their followers, gods battle invading armies in intense, merciless combat to protect their home world. Skyforge features unique action combat and a massive variety of classes and character customization options as players grow from immortal to invincible gods.

Skyforge is being developed by the award winning Russian game developer Allods Team, a part of the Group. Their last project, Allods Online, was the first major Russian MMORPG and launched in more than 15 countries. The core of Allods Team includes industry veterans who developed internationally acclaimed games including Evil Islands, Etherlords, Silent Storm and Heroes of Might and Magic V.

Visceral combat sequences and grand battles unfold across a world settings limited only by the developer's imagination. To ensure that Skyforge meets the expectations of players worldwide, The Allods Team has enlisted the help of the widely lauded development studio, Obsidian Entertainment.