El Matador - PC

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Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Plastic Reality Soft. Co.: Plastic Reality
Publishers: Excalibur (GB)
Cenega (GB)
Released: 8 Sept 2006 (GB)
18 May 2012 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 16+
No Accessories: No Accessories


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In the world of El Matador, your role is that of Victor Corbet, a special agent of the anti-drug organisation DEA, an outfit called upon whenever standard procedures fail.

The DEA has recently reported a great increase in activity from groups involved in the drug trade in South America. For this reason, a group of agents are despatched to Colombia, the probable source of all the activity, in order to strengthen its local central office. However, just a few hours after the DEA agents' arrival, they suffer a brutal attack by narcomafia members. The central DEA office in Colombia's capital Bogota is destroyed, and everyone in the office is killed. It is claimed that responsibility for the attack lies with a drug cartel by the name of LaValedora. The DEA has to intervene before the cartel becomes too powerful to stop, so the best man for the job is sent to the region. With the assistance of the local state's anti-drug office, Corbet has to fight fire with fire to bring down the cartel.

El Matador is a third-person shooter that swings like a mad monkey between all-out firefights and sneaky, stealthy (in)action scenes - a good mixture that stops the game from 'getting old'. Both elements are featured in the opening scenes of the game proper, wherein you partake in a raid on the Barracuda nightclub, where your objective is to capture drug dealer Alberto Marica. He's a notorious figure with a chain of establishments where huge quantities of drugs change hands. As well as his drug crimes, he's responsible for other offences such as kidnap and blackmail. He's a minor character in the bigger scheme of things, but the harm he's already done is enough, and if you can capture him and put the screws on him, he'll be able to provide important information to help your progression through the game.

There's not a great deal of originality in El Matador's storyline - let's face it, barely anything can be deemed original in video games these days - but the high octane action more than makes up for it. It looks good too, as long as you have a machine that performs well. Whether you're softly padding around in an effort not to be seen or heard, or you're acting like a bull in a china shop - we had to get the El Matador/Bull reference in there somewhere - this is a more than worthy alternative to the likes of Max Payne and Far Cry.


Project Leader/Producer