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Iíve been thrown in at the deep end a little bit when it comes to PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale, and Iíll explain why; my console of choice has always been the Xbox 360, and as the game title suggests, weíre going to be pitting ĎAll-Starsí from different PS3 titles against each other. Now I imagine some of you are already thinking ĎHey, wait... hasnít this game already been released? Oh, Iím thinking of Nintendoís Super Smash Bros. Well, yep. Itís the same idea.

Thereís a fair variety of playable characters ranging from a Big Daddy (Bioshock) to Heihachi Mishima (Tekken). All of which have their own fighting style and different ways to pummel their opponent (or opponents, as Iíll soon explain).

To start with, youíll be given the option to choose which character you fight as, then youíll see a short cutscene explaining their motive for embarking on the journey thatís ahead.
Now that may sound as though youíre heading on a remarkable adventure through different terrain in a desperate attempt to defeat an evil overlord and rescue your princess, right? Well, that isnít the case at all.

My first choice of character was Sly Cooper. Someone has stolen some pages from some sort of book that he had locked away in a safe, and he wants them back. Now this is a beat Ďem up game, so obviously you arenít going to stay true to Slyís roots and go about stealthily jumping from building to building. Nope. Youíre going to beat the shit out of anyone who gets in your way. For my first battle, I was thrown into the arena ĎDojoí which is a stage based on PaRappa the Rapper, apparently. My first opponent was that aforementioned Big Daddy.

PAX 2012
PAX 2012
I quickly came to realise that this isnít like any usual beat Ďem up game. Thereís no health bar, no standard three round fights, no voice over guy to shout ĎKOí at you. The scoring goes on how many times you manage to Ďkillí your opponent. Some fights are based on Ďas many kills as possible within the time limití and others give you a set objective such as Ďbe the first to three killsí.

As each fight progresses, you notice that the stage starts to change and incorporate aspects from a different character's background. For example, on Dojo you start the fight in a small house. As the fight proceeds, the walls fly out of scene and in the background you can see a Helghast Troop Carrier from the Killzone universe.

PAX 2012
PAX 2012
On some of these stages, the background isnít just a nice twist on a familiar arena. As my battle on Dojo got more heated, I noticed what appeared to be a target painted right on my character. Yep, you guessed it. The troop carrier decided to spice up the fight by firing an array of rockets towards the battlefield.
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