Win Special Edition Sacred 2 and a Blu-ray Writer!

Closing date: end of 30 Nov 2008 (UK time)

Competition Closed to Entries

This competition closed to new entries at the end of 30 Nov 2008.
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The marvellous folk at Koch have come up with not one but 5 chances to win a Limited Edition boxset of PC RPG, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. One lucky gamer will also get a Blu-ray writer as well.


Sacred 2 Special Edition Boxset AND Blu-ray Writer

Number available to win: 1

This special edition comes with the following: Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel
Exclusive On-line Pet - The Carrier Imp
Double sided Poster map of Ancaria
Official Sacred 2 Artbook
Official Sacred 2 Soundtrack
Sacred 2 Tattoos
DVD containing elite GFX graphics up-grade for ultimate PC gaming systems.

You also stand to win a sparkling new LG Blu RAY 6X BE06LU10 External Writer worth 186.69 writer courtesy of Cyberpower and Koch.

Special Edition Boxset of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

Number available to win: 4

In Fallen Angel you travel through the landscape, fighting battles and undertaking quests in order to collect items that you can use to assist you, and skill points that you can use to level up your character. The environment is vast and it loads dynamically, so there are no pauses as you pass from one region to the next. Because the game world is so large, you can choose to use a horse to get around. Every character also has a unique mount created specifically for their character class. While mounted your character can still take part in battles, but you will have different abilities. Characters and mounts can be customised with items obtained during the game, and items obtained during a multi-player game can be retained and used during your single player campaign.

With its outstanding graphics and Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound, Fallen Angel gives RPG gamers an impressive and immersive experience