Unique Prize! Get Your Risen RPG Altar Design in the Game!

Closing date: end of 16 Nov 2008 (UK time)

Competition Closed to Entries

This competition closed to new entries at the end of 16 Nov 2008.
Didn't enter in time? Too bad. Check out our competition page - there may be other competition still open for you to enter.

Design an altar of the undead and gain the chance to see it rendered in Risen, the new RPG from Piranha Bytes!

Deep Silver and the Piranha Bytes team are giving hobby designers a unique opportunity to have their work immortalized in the upcoming role-playing project Risen. Artists are being challenged to design an altar of the undead, with hardly any limits being set to their imagination.

The object of the competition is to design an altar of the undead that will be placed in a building as part of the game environment. The maximum measurements of the altar in the game are: 3 meters (approx. 10 feet) long, 2 meters (approx. 6.5 feet) wide and 5 meters (approx. 16.5 feet) high. The altar may also be decorated using appropriate objects such as bones and skulls. The overall design should be suitably dark and sinister. Participants can enter scans of drawings they have made or images saved in JPEG format.


Your Design Appears in the Game

Number available to win: 1

This is an international competition in which the local winners will receive a prize relating to Risen. More importantly, if we here at SPOnG judge your entry to be the best, we will send it forward for the chance to enter the international contest run by the Piranha Bytes team and employees of Deep Silver. The Piranha Bytes team will take the altar of the undead designed by the overall winner and turn it into a real 3D model to be used in the game. Moreover, the winner of the design competition gets to see his or her name in the game credits and in the game manual.

About Risen:

A Mysterious Volcanic Island
The heavy tremors on the island bode ill for its inhabitants. Ancient temples have risen from the ground recently, bizarre creatures are terrorising the area. Fear and terror is spreading among the population.

The End of All Hope?
A group of powerful men who call themselves "The Inquisitors" have taken it upon themselves to put an end to these events. They send an exhibition to this remote island, but a storm takes hold of the ship and destroys it at sea.

A Hero Will Come…
As if by a miracle, the player survives the shipwreck and is stranded on the volcanic island alone. He finds himself amidst a chaos of rebellion, tyranny and mystic rituals. He must now decide to which side the pendulum of fate will swing…

You can find the Risen teaser website here.