Konami Announces Release of SAS Simulator

For all the wannabe Andy McNabs out there...

Posted by Staff
Konami of Europe has announced a February 17 release date for its forthcoming SAS first-person shooter for PC.

The Regiment, billed as an 'ultra-realistic SAS combat simulator’, is an FPS with an emphasis on speed and movement. It also boasts the use of ‘real-life counter-terrorist tactics’. Fictitious missions in the game include a terrorist attack on Britain's Houses of Parliament and a siege in the underground. Gulp!

Hopefully the underground mission will not involve assisting a Metropolitan Policeman in shooting dead an innocent Brazilian on a tube train.

As is increasingly common with this type of game, a former SAS veteran has been employed as an expert advisor. John McAleese offers his in-game insights into the tough missions via specially filmed link sequences, which to SPOnG sounds like a nice touch. McAleese has worked closely with Konami and UK developers Kuju to ensure that the player’s progress through the game is only possible using accepted and established techniques.

Players will have the option of choosing between the quickfire and gung-ho Arcade mode or a more in-depth Simulation mode. SPOnG will not make any further comment on the realism of the ‘Gung-Ho’ arcade mode in relation to our own Metropolitan Police and SAS crack urban counter-terrorist squads.

The Regiment also offers complex training sessions using authentic SAS procedures plus an online mode that allows four friends to counter those goddamn terrorists together.

For more info on this intriguing SAS FPS, check out the game’s official site here


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