BT Openzone Nintendo DS hotspots back in business

SPOnG breathes sigh of relief. Can now leave house.

Posted by Staff
SPOnG has just heard from Nintendo that the technical problems that beset the BT Openzone network’s compatibility with Nintendo DS wi-fi gaming have finally been ironed out.

Both companies have issued a formal apology to customers for the short delay in making the service available to everyone and want to reassure gamers that they can go to any BT Openzone hotspot anywhere in the UK and play Mario Kart DS online 'til their little heart’s are content.

A Nintendo spokesperson told SPOnG earlier this afternoon that “BT can today confirm that all its BT Openzone hotspots are now live with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, enabling gamers to play against their family and friends across the globe at locations ranging from McDonalds through to Hilton Hotels. By logging onto and entering your town or postcode, you can find the nearest Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection hotspots in UK or Ireland to you.”

Of course SPOnG, along with those lucky gamers blessed with Wi-Fi at home, can continue to play Mario Kart in the bath, on the toilet, in bed and whilst hiding from the missus in the shed; i.e. All the time when you are not asleep.

However, as a test and now that we can leave the house safe in the knowledge that we can get a Mario Kart fix wherever we like, SPOnG is heading straight out to its nearest Maccy D’s for some greasy, liver-killing junk food and then on to our nearest Hilton Hotel bar for some overpriced, watered down lager. Actually no, we’re not. We’re just going to stay in bed playing Mario Kart on-line with the rest of the world until we get bed sores, arthritic thumbs and die from too much fun. And it will all be Nintendo's fault.



majin dboy 14 Dec 2005 23:45
haha.very funny news article.
if all u at spong are so keane on playing mario kart online how come there is no place to post our friend codes????
VastikRoot 15 Dec 2005 09:56
I have one question - are all the BT Openzone hotspots free to use for the DS or is it just the ones in Mcdondalds stinky 'restaurants'?
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