Revolution Not Final Name of Nintendo Console

Countdown to revelation begins – win a launch console with SPOnG!

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Revolution Not Final Name of Nintendo Console
As suspected, Nintendo Revolution will not be the final name of Nintendo’s new home console, with a new moniker expected to be unveiled in the run up to next year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo slated for May 2006.

Speaking to SPOnG today, Nintendo Europe’s Shelly Pearce, formerly Shelly Friend in her pre-marriage and breeding days said, “The Revolution is a codename for the new machine.”

The final name, unsurprisingly, was not offered, leaving us to wildly speculate as to what it might be. The Nintendo Ultratron is looking unlikely, as is Nintendo 3D Space Controller 4000. The possible re-branded NTO Fabulon Triptometer doesn't say an awful lot either; a shame really, as cheesy names with prefixes like Ultra and Mega carry a cluster of kitsch kudos with us.

Of course, Nintendo has always changed the names of its home machines from their original codenames, with the Nintendo 64 formerly being the Ultra 64 (as immortalised by a million Killer Instinct machines proclaiming the fact) and the GameCube, which began life as Nintendo Dolphin.

We had noted that following the showing of the Revolution controller at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, all Revolution branding had been removed from Nintendo-supplied official assets, paving the way for the revelation of the new name.

So, we don’t know what Nintendo has planned – nor does anyone we’ve contacted to date. It is a secret and a closely guarded one, as you might imagine. Let us know what you think it might be in the forum below. If you’re on the money, we’ll team up with our friends at Nintendo and supply you with a Revolution and selection of launch games on day one European release. Unless of course, we tell you what it is before the official announcement, in which case, you're out of luck!

Normal competition rules apply. Use the forum to plant your guess.


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NiktheGreek 10 Nov 2005 11:18
To all suggesting Triforce:

If they hadn't already trademarked Triforce as the name for the Gamecube-based arcade board, it'd be a good guess. The arcade board gets it's name from being a collaboration between Nintendo, Sega and Namco. The most well-known games for it are Donkey Kong Jungle Fever, F-Zero AX, Mario Kart Arcade GP and Virtua Striker 4.
Greg2k 10 Nov 2005 11:56
33/51 (lol)

Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure they're going to look for something catchy like Playstation. If they want it to appeal to the masses, the name shouldn't contain "Nintendo" (even though everyone knows it's Nintendo).

And the colours should be in French. That would rock. No stupid "Pitch Black", "Apple White" or "Luigi Green" crap.
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Emperor Samoth 10 Nov 2005 14:18
How about:

Nintendo B-S
Nintendo NoHD
Nintendo CarStereo
Nintendo Blu-Light
Nintendo FoReel
Nintendo Outcast
Nintendo Misfit
Nintendo Hermit
vince 10 Nov 2005 17:03
Nintendo Dramatic
Nintendo Real
Nintendo Evolution
Nintendo Revolution (could be, like Nintendo DS they said the samething but in the end it was proven to be the name for the handheld Nintendo DS, maybe this is just to start speculation)
OptimusP 10 Nov 2005 18:35
36/51 goes

Shiggy's Dream Machine

Eeeumh... I know, the most secret word ever will be used to name this wonder... Ni !
realvictory 10 Nov 2005 18:57
Since everyone else is thinking of s**te names...

- The NintenDon
- [They could not give it a name!]
- The Inspiration Slab
- The Hype Box
- The Leaning Tower of Nintendo
- The Wireless Wonder
- Y-Fi Box
- The Nintendo Unspecific (my favourite)
-The Nintendo Dodo/The Xtinction Box, if it fails
realvictory 10 Nov 2005 19:05
Greg2k wrote:

And the colours should be in French. That would rock. No stupid "Pitch Black", "Apple White" or "Luigi Green" crap.

Damn, no! Colours should be in Cockney Rhyming Slang!

'Stab in the back Black', 'My trousers are too tight White', and 'My T-shirt went pink because I left my red socks in the washing machine Green'!

Of course, they'll have a team of professionals to think them up, so they'll sound much more stylish than mine... In which case they'll sound unprecedentedly awesome!
majin dboy 10 Nov 2005 23:58
the nintendo dream.

fantasy star online

the hybrid /

the nintendo complete

nintendo next gen

nintendo generator.
i like NEON, and i will be suprised if it's not one of the previous guesses.but i still think they will syick with revolution
charming_fox 11 Nov 2005 00:31
warbaby 11 Nov 2005 01:14
charming_fox wrote:

-Letters to the Corinthians, Chapter 4 verses 3-5
-Genesis 14:3-12
-N squared
-poppin' a fat one
config 11 Nov 2005 11:28
Joji wrote:
Well here's mine.

Nintendo JANUS (based on the roman god Janus and because it play games from the past, present and future)

Heh. You wrote a word that contains the word Anus. Heh. Hehehe.

majin dboy 11 Nov 2005 13:31
the nintendo Janus.
hahaha.too girly
realvictory 11 Nov 2005 15:25
Let's be honest, now - I don't see how there can be any argument. The best name so far is definitely 'Super Duper Nintendo'. It haunts my mind, and I can't think of anything better, because it's not possible. It's retro, funny, honest, risky and cool.

It's not even confusing, because it plays regular Super Nintendo games, and every other Nintendo game. Except maybe DS games, but the DS is a third pillar. (They could always call it Pillar 3!)
LUPOS 11 Nov 2005 17:43
realvictory wrote:
(They could always call it Pillar 3!)

os somethign pillar related

Styles of pillars:
Doric (although Doric columns have no base)

the nintendo ionic... kind of cool
tetsuo_otomo88 15 Nov 2005 19:51
The Nintendo Shift, Nintendo Next, or just maybe the Revolution. If I'm right, Spong will buy me one right? Whoot! I cant wait for the Revolution to "literally" SHOCK me. LOL!
Danny Thomas 16 Nov 2005 02:40
I heard a rumor about a year before the GameCube was out that it was going to be called The Nintendo Oblivion, So i think im going to go with that as the new Nintedo consoles name.
Ben Palmer 19 Nov 2005 03:06
Well.... The Nintendo DS was the codename and Nintendo said that it would come with a new name...we got the exact opposite, a re-design and the name stuck, though, what happened to the Nitro? Here are my entries into the comp.

1. Revolution (they may stick with it)
2. The N5 (their 5th console)
3. Nintendo Next
4. Just "Revolution"
5. "Hollywood" or "Broadway"
6. Nintendo Freestyle or Freehand

That's all I can think of at the moment...Man I hope I'm right
BlackEyedFish 14 Dec 2005 07:35
Why it's going to be called the Nintendo Resolution. Nintendo have the triforce, courage, power and vision.
All sony and microsoft have is power. No one sees nintendo's vision or power. But once they do they will see that there should be no console wars, only a resolve.

I'll take one nintendo resolution, please sPong.

Thank You,

TwoADay 14 Dec 2005 13:37
The Freebird.

And if there are long load times, you have to sit through the extended version's guitar solo.

The commercials, if you are wondering, will end with a guy in the background(as in distant voice, probably off-camera) yelling: "Play Freebird!"

I think I've struck gold, here.
tetsuo_otomo88 16 Feb 2006 23:56
Nintendo Nexus, I thought I put that on here too, must have forgot all that time ago, lol!
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