Revolution Controller ‘Looks Like a Wavebird’

Developers kept away from core secret?

Posted by Staff
Several credible sources have posted new snippets on The Big Question tickling the games industry right now. What the controller for the Nintendo Revolution actually is.

One post surfacing on respected industry nose-tapper forum Gaming Age matches recent speculation which suggests that right now, developers are working with what appear to be modified GameCube WaveBird controllers.

I got a chance to take a quick look at the current Nintendo Revolution controller prototype today--but unfortunately, no chance to take pictures. At first, I thought it was a WaveBird.

That's because it looks just like a WaveBird, except that the GameCube face button scheme with the big A, small B, and X & Y kidney shaped buttons has been switched out for four small round buttons in a cross configuration, i.e. the traditional SNES/PlayStation/Xbox setup. I believe the button colour scheme used on the Revolution prototype is as follows: X (top) button = indigo, Y button = yellow, A button = green, B button = red.

Instead of the "Nintendo GameCube" logo in the across the centre of the controller, it said "Nintendo Revolution," using the same GameCube font. The analogue sticks were placed in the same locations as on a GameCube pad, as were the shoulder triggers. Keep in mind I only got a brief look at an image of the controller (5-10 seconds) and it was a top-down view so I couldn't see what was going on on the bottom side of the pad.

I was told that it'll evidently be wireless by default and no highly rumoured special functions like gyroscopic technology or touchscreen pads were currently implemented or had even been hinted at by Nintendo. Also, "this is just a prototype, sometimes they change a lot before system launch, or sometimes, like in the case of the N64, the prototype was nearly the same as the final controller."

I realize this is pretty anticlimactic since the Revolution controller is being hyped as the super-secret linchpin of Nintendo's radically different next console, and here is it looking like a WaveBird with a different button configuration. Just remember, it's possible that Nintendo could still be holding back a lot of functions from the developers until later in order to preserve the shock & awe...

At least this should at least put to rest all those bogus rumours about prototypes people have seen at developers' offices with touchscreens, gyroscopes, hologram interaction, etc. As it stands, this is all developers have access to.

This reflects recent chatter from the games development community which has, to a man, sworn blind to SPOnG (end every other media outlet as far as we know) that they have not been granted full access to what the Revolution’s secret is. SPOnG has been picking up reports that current development kit paper-based specs show pretty much what is outlined above, indicating that what more there is to come for the Revolution may well be independent of the traditional handheld controller.

Whatever the final big secret may be, it just better be really, really exciting. Stay tuned for constant updates and remember to let us know what you think in the loosely-moderated forum below.


nintendean 25 Jul 2005 14:44
get on with it you bastards. the only reason i care is that i remember what i thought of the n64 when if first saw it. mario 64 and pilotwings and wave race blew me away as did the new pad. despite really liking some gamecube games it was a bit of a disappointment with under par mario and (hopefully until later this year) zelda games. as a long time nintendo fan i'm praying they can sort it out. now they're hyping revolution so much that if its just a more powerful gamecube with mildly different controls i'll buy one just so that i can destroy it with a hammer.
mtg101 26 Jul 2005 00:55
So one side of the controller looks a bit like a Super Famicom controller with some analogue sticks added.

So what does the other side look like? Maybe it's got a different controller on the other side, looks more N64/GC; maybe it's got a central analogue controller and maybe the start button from the other side serves as the trigger button, for Goldeneye?

Reggie did say to just line up all the controllers and put it all together. Maybe they did just squash all the previous controllers into a double-sided wireless pad?

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