Exclusive Images: Game Boy Micro Stripped Bare

Face-off action as SPOnG tinkerers get to work.

Posted by Staff
SPOnG had a good look at the all-new Game Boy Micro yesterday, having loyally attended Nintendo’s post E3 media briefing in an airless basement in fashionable Soho. It smelt like a teenage boy's bedroom – perhaps for authenticity, but we digress. Wow, and in the second sentence too…

We have had our hands on a Micro already, during E3 in fact. The problem was that this one was slung around the neck of Shigeru Miyamoto during our meeting and exclusive interview with him. So taking it and pulling it apart would have seemed rather rude, we thought.

No such problems yesterday however, when we had the opportunity to look at the Micro close up and unbothered by social and professional constraints. As already reported, the Micro will have removable, switchable face-plates akin to modern cellular phones (and, dare we say, Xbox 360). So we thought we’d bring you the world’s first images of what the unit looks like when stripped to its bare components.

In the absence of a baby pink unit, SPOnG quite liked the look of the Micro without its fascia. Reminiscent of a fleshless T1000, we might well rock our units in the buff. Or with a Gucci diamante-studded teak cover - we haven’t yet decided.

Anyway, enjoy, and let us know what you think. SPOnG expects to have at least a couple of Micros to give away to our loyal forum users before the device has shipped anywhere in the world. So you know, just keep that in mind!


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Ditto 15 Jun 2005 12:35
Joji wrote:
Looks very nice indeed. Let's hope it's not too expensive otherwise I won't bother investing in one.

GI.biz had a interview with someone from Nintendo Europe who said that he thought the Micro would be priced between the DS and the SP - £85.

That's a bit too high for this device, I think. I'd rather pay a little less and get an SP. The micro could probably retail at up to £70 and still attract a large number of sales.

Looks good though. I hope SPoNG will be me in mind when it starts giving away the latest Nintendo hardware ;).

The faceplate stuff if a nice option. I'm now wondering how long it will take Nintendo to redesign the DS like tthey said they would. Do they really need to though?

In my opinion, they do need to redesign the DS sooner rather than later.

A lot of people I know, who fit into Nintendo's "casual" band, are put off by the fact that the DS is "large" and not as sleek as the PSP, or even the SP for that matter. Adjectives such as "large", "massive", "tacky", "ugly" have all been attached to the DS by my companions.
Coxy 15 Jun 2005 12:53
I have to get one of these! it looks to be one of the few actual "pocket sized" portable consoles, I mean my psp can barely fit in my pocket as is is, this would fit in no problem, and it seems as though nintendo have finally adressed the dark screen issue, the screen looks so bright it could be used as a make-shift tourch.

Bye Bye to my SP - on ebay it goes !!
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tyrion 15 Jun 2005 12:59
LUPOS wrote:
the t-1000 is the liquid metal one... removing its flesh would look the same... just a bit smaller.... the arnold model is a t-800... which is what i assume you where talking about.

yes no?!

Actually, Arnold's model is a "Series 800 terminator" or a "Cyberdyne Systems, Model 101". T-800 is never mentioned in any of the films. For reference here is the T2 shooting script, which mentions "T1000" but not "T-800"

James Cameron wrote:
We realize now that the cop is a terminator too. We don't know the details yet, but let's call him the T-1000 (since that's what he is). A newer model than the one we've come to know so well (the 800 Series "Arnold"). This guy's a prototype... and he's got quite a few surprises.

So while your statement was correct, your terminology wasn't.
LUPOS 15 Jun 2005 13:12
considering the terminators in T3 the giant ugly tank treded suckers, are labeled t-1 and the most advanced is a t-1000 and arnold is par t of the 800 "series" i assumed his official model # would be t-800... i may be wrong, but since they are all terminators an 800 series terminator should be labeled a T-800... i think... i may be wrong.

TigerUppercut 15 Jun 2005 13:34
My cat's breath smells like catfood
microdood 15 Jun 2005 14:03
Now I know some will disagree.........

but I personally think that if this device could be used a simple MP3 player (obviously you'd have to buy a seperate memory card to plug in, including player software) then Nintendo would be onto even more of a winner. It's just so portable - I think it would be a misseed opportunity not to do so.

Just a thought.
TigerUppercut 15 Jun 2005 14:15
Play-Yan is the answer. Or one of those third-party ones which damoss bought and shamefully hasn't used yet...
microdood 15 Jun 2005 14:20
Maybe I'm a bit behind the times - I forgot about the Play Yan thing


I'll think harder before posting next time.
bullet 15 Jun 2005 14:26
TigerUppercut wrote:
My cat's breath smells like catfood

yah well my Bird's breath smells like birdfood SO HAH
bullet 15 Jun 2005 14:26
TigerUppercut wrote:
My cat's breath smells like catfood

yah well my Bird's breath smells like birdfood SO HAH
Coxy 15 Jun 2005 14:30
bullet wrote:
TigerUppercut wrote:
My cat's breath smells like catfood

yah well my Bird's breath smells like birdfood SO HAH

My dogs breath smells like dogfood, which is slightly worrying since I have a cat.
TigerUppercut 15 Jun 2005 14:32
You shouldn't feed your girlfriend birdfood. You should feed her sausages.
Philip Wesley 15 Jun 2005 15:58
Hey, question. Anyone try plugging in a GB/GBC pak to see if the system has a physical lockout for those?

You see, there's a bit of a fuss right now on if it does or doesn't.

Nintendo said it played all the games the GBA SP does, they had different people at different parts of the booth who said differently, GameSpot says no, IGN says yes, and I didn't get to pull the gamepak out at E3... So the closest I have gotten a GB pak to the unit is this.


Sorry.. those are full resolution. o_O

Anyways, I need a confirm/deny on that.
TigerUppercut 15 Jun 2005 17:09
it does play GB and GBC games. i asked yesterday.
LUPOS 15 Jun 2005 20:32
TigerUppercut wrote:
My cat's breath smells like catfood

I bent my wookie...

It tatses like burning...

or my personal favorite... "sleep... thats when im a viking!"

Nicol@s 15 Jun 2005 23:01
TigerUppercut wrote:
it does play GB and GBC games. i asked yesterday.

Are you sure ? Because if does play GB and GBC games, I'll buy it for sure (GB and GBA games look too dark on GBA SP...)

Is the GBM made of metal or is it plastic, like the GBA SP ?
LUPOS 15 Jun 2005 23:08
Nicol@s wrote:

Is the GBM made of metal or is it plastic, like the GBA SP ?

it... like all nintendo products... is made of pure magic!!

that is all you need know!
Nicol@s 15 Jun 2005 23:36
LUPOS wrote:
Nicol@s wrote:

Is the GBM made of metal or is it plastic, like the GBA SP ?

it... like all nintendo products... is made of pure magic!!

that is all you need know!

And is Magic, more like metal or plastic ?

vtraveller 16 Jun 2005 09:54
Metal. Cool to the touch.

Of course, the covers are plastic. But the base silver machine is metal.

Screen size never bothered me seeing detail and controls never bothered me when holding it. Not disimilar to holding/using a mobile phone.

Philip Wesley 16 Jun 2005 11:22
Ah. It does play GB/GBC games. That just made my day. I figured there wasn't a reason for it not to do so. At E3, some people said it was a voltage/space/screen issue and I figured that was completely bull as there are a few GBA games that wouldn't work without the presence of the GBC chip, as they access that. One of the first things, I intend to do when I get mine, is take a picture of it with the old school Game Genie attached to a Game Boy Camera sticking out of it. hehehe. Then, I'm gonna do what is a bit of a tradition with GB Family systems: Play through The Legend of Zelda 4: Link's Awakening on it.

This means I can still use my SongPro on it, as well as some of the patently weird other devices like Nanoloop, Little Pocket DJ, Robopon with it's weird built in IR port, and more.

Some games are gonna look really.. interesting on that thing.. like Mickey's Racing Adventure, Shantae, Wayforward Technology's Xtreme Sports, Toki Tori, Magi-Nation, etc. I think I'll play through Wario Land 1 with it.

I was playing some GB roms on the Game Boy Movie Player in prep for having to buckle down and get a flash card to play my old favorite GB/GBC games. Needless to say, I wasn't really looking forward to having to use an illegitimate way to play when I have perfectly legit, bought and paid for copies. The fact that it can play GB/GBC games is just.. so damn good. That said, I can't wait for the better screen. The old GB games before the GBC hit had enormous amounts of detail in them.. games like Wario Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Link's Awakening, Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong 1994, and others.. just blow away the Game Gear and Lynx in terms of detail. Those units used color instead of detail to differentiate parts of the games.

This also means that tons of hack apps and such will still work on the GBMicro. Ah, good stuff.
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