Wario Ware: It is Art–Official

Not the game equivalent of eating magic mushrooms - honest.

Posted by Staff
Wario Ware: It is Art–Official
Playing too much Wario Ware can make you feel ill. This is a fact. There’s something about it, its pace, its design – something that causes feelings of nausea (in the nicest possible way, of course) not experienced since the roll-out of the Virtual Boy.

Well, it’s now official that the game represents much more than that. It’s actually art, as Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs has declared. Announcing the winners in its eighth annual Media Art Festival, Nintendo has scooped the grand prize with Mawaru Made In Wario, taking top honours in the prestigious category for Entertainment.

Hitting next year in the west with the title Wario Ware Twisted (TBC) the game is an explosion of tilt-use, seeing players using the Game Boy Advance hardware in a completely new way, which comes guaranteed to make gamers of all ages smile broadly.

And smiling broadly is one of the best things it’s possible to do.


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