Nintendo examines N64 GameCube relaunch

Poll Stateside reveals company IP plans

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Nintendo examines N64 GameCube relaunch
It would appear that Nintendo is looking seriously at the possibility of releasing an adapter for GameCube to enable users to play Nintendo 64 software.

Indeed, using a poll on its official US site, Nintendo of America simply asks, “What level of interest do you have, and how much would you pay for an adapter that allowed you to play N64 cartridges on the Nintendo GameCube?” Which is kind of self-explanatory really.

Readers are given “Very interested, and would pay up to $39; Very interested, and would pay up to $49; Very interested, and would pay up to $59; Not interested at all; and don't own an N64,” and “Not interested at all, although own an N64,” as choices.

SPOnG imagines that this is the rekindling of plans that were revealed regarding backwards compatibility planning for GameCube on the run-up to the system’s launch. At that time it was deemed unsuitable that N64 use should be integral to the launch machine, though speculation surrounding the possibility of an add-on was rife.

The unit Nintendo is considering is thought to be a Game Boy Player-style augmentation that the GameCube sits on top of, taking Nintendo 64 carts through a frontal port.

All very interesting indeed – Expect updates as and when they break and tell us what you think in the forum below!



Brown Force 18 Nov 2004 14:45
This would be an excellent idea. I would certainly pay £30 -£35 for one. The N64 was one of my favourite consoles ever and this would give me the excuse to crack open some old classics I have knocking about and have a few more Perfect Dark Multiplayer sessions.

Lets hope this gets the go ahead! :D
Joji 18 Nov 2004 15:03
A nice idea, but a bit pointless now. GCs final full year will most likely be 2005. If they had ask me this 3 years ago I would have been happier.

When you can fit about 3 or so N64 games on a GC disk, I'd much rather have more of those N64 games on compilation GC disk collections than use my N64 games on my GC.

Give me a beeter deal like that and I'll buy. Nice idea though. I'd hate for Nintendo to use N64 tech on us again, when the DS will be doing just about this shortly.

Perhaps some N64 Classic collections (kind of like the current GBA classics range) on DS would be a better idea. Sin and Punishment anyone?
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Ditto 18 Nov 2004 15:23
Well I wouldn't touch an N64 converter. I personally think that the N64 ws Nintendo's worst console - I played the games but could never justify spending money on one. However, if they released the two good games Yoshi's Story and Paper Mario on a Gamecube disc then I would buy that.

Or they could release a Super NES Player. That would be a must-purchase for me...
Joji 18 Nov 2004 16:13
Oh yeah, I'd pay for 10 or 20 Snes classics games on a GC disk or DS card, but will they actually do it? I'd say by sales of NES Classic there is a market for simpler retro games.

With 2 for 1 deal from SNK for PS2, and FF 1 & 2 Dawn of Souls due soon on GBA it's clear that we like a good deal, but don't get too cocky and rip us off Nintendo.

Bring it on.
nolimit966 19 Nov 2004 00:46
i would/will defo defo buy a N64 convertor/adapter as the n64 was by miles my favourite console of all time without a doubt!!!
How anyone can say the n64 was the worst should go out and BUY one and play MORE than a FEW games, like perfect dark, zelda:Oot, mario kart 64, san fransisco rush, mario 64, Jet Force Gemini, Blast Corps, smash bros 64, killer instinct 64, diddy kong racing, pilot wings 64, banjo kazooie, starfox 64, Harvest Moon to name a few of the best....the Gamecube is my least fave console so far am afriad to say.
ohms 19 Nov 2004 10:40
Joji wrote:
A nice idea, but a bit pointless now. GCs final full year will most likely be 2005. If they had ask me this 3 years ago I would have been happier.

yeah, I would have definately got one when the GC just came out, and sold my N64, but it's hardly worth it now. shame they didn't do a snes player too, but I've sold my 40 odd snes carts, so too late for me on that front as well.

keeping so many old consoles around is always a problem, in terms of clutter, what would be cool is if Nintendo made a Mega NES mini console that played all Nintendo carts, NES, snes, N64, GB, GBC.
It would give people a nice legal alternative to running a chipped XBOX chock full of emulators.
Kaxxx 19 Nov 2004 13:31
I think its a great idea and to be honest it puts to rest all the worry about lame ports over to the DS.
Ditto 19 Nov 2004 14:22
I really cannot see this happening actually. It doesn't make sense to release an accessory that may impair sales of the DS ports that will obviously be released.

I also can't see a Super NES classics series for the DS since it can already play the GBA ports of most good games.

Interestingly, I have the Zelda: TWW soundtrack. Has anyone noticed that one of the Wind Waker tracks sounds almost exactly the same as the music on Konami's Zombies for the Super NES? I'll find out the track and name later...
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