Wario Ware Inc. 2 - First ever screens!

News inspiring fear-tinged joy – Let the madness commence

Posted by Staff
SPOnG first saw a copy of Wario Ware six miles above the earth on a plane, when a pre-final cart was passed to us by a Nintendo executive en route to E3. We were told, “Don’t steal it,” so naturally, we stole it. Rude not to…

The whole experience was rather surreal. We had been gathering news about the game for some time and had had it described to us as being “…like Bishi Bashi, just with games that last a couple of seconds…” intriguing indeed.

So it was fired up and the game was played to exhaustion over the course of the eleven hour flight. Naturally, we needed to come up with some of our world famous literary brilliance to describe the experience to the gamers of Earth. From memory, SPOnG said, “…imagine eating as many cheap sweets as you possible can throughout the duration of your play. Blackjacks, Flying Saucers, Wham! Bars, as fast as you can, so they dribble down your chin and prevent you from being able to breathe.

And it would appear that nothing much has changed. Thank the lord!

There was always the concern with the original that any follow-up would be something of a repeat of the first. The games essentially fell into all too few categories – timing, coordination, logic, skill, and although these are the broadest possible parameters, to cram something understandable and indeed playable into seven seconds, will always be a challenge.

So what does Nintendo do? It essentially re-skins the original game, adds a load more psychedelic nonsense and good deal more evil Wario cackling and cajoling and comes up with Wario Ware Inc 2, arguably the most anticipated Game Boy Advance title in the works right now.


Kaxxx 24 Sep 2004 11:39
Should be a great title. I loved the first game and have bought the GC version although admittidly i havent got round to playing it yet. Cracking series though and a welcomed addition to the GBA for many im sure.
Joji 24 Sep 2004 12:17
Have to hand it to Nintendo. To produce a game like Wario Ware these days could be risky, but I'm glad they stuck with it and now this sequel is on the way. It's simple fun gaming, and I wish Nintendo would pomote more of their unique games like this series. If more people knew of Wario Ware the world might be a better place for gaming. While the screenshots aren't much to look at, they hide some devilishly cunning and brilliant gameplay.
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Brown Force 24 Sep 2004 15:55
Looks great. I got the first one for the Gamecube, plainly out of curiousity. I had heared great things about it but had apsolutly no idea what it was at all. So I did a straight swap for it with Driv3r on the day of release. Best bargins I'd ever done. Go Nintendo!
Kaxxx 24 Sep 2004 16:02
Yeah, the £20 price tag was also a great incentive for a purchase.
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