GBA SP Special Edition Packs Unveiled: Zelda Gold and Mario Red

Limited run bundles going for just under £90

Posted by Staff
Following our report earlier in the week that Nintendo would be slashing the price of the GBA SP ahead of this Christmas, Nintendo of Europe has today issued a few more details of the GBA SP limited editions which will go on sale on 19th November. With the stand-alone console retailing for £69.99, the new collector bundles will include an additional game and will cost £89.99.

SPOnG’s used to running news of cool limited-run Nintendo consoles, but they’re almost always destined for Japan only releases. So it is with no small pleasure that we can announce two new, highly desirable special consoles planned for European release. First up, there’s the Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap pack. This contains [cue drum roll] a copy of The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap, plus a GBA SP crafted entirely out of gold (coloured plastic). Secondly, there’s the Mario vs Donkey Kong pack: with a console of dichotomous aesthetic value, that flirts with the notion of being simultaneously red on top whilst being silver on the bottom. It also comes with a copy of the aforementioned game.

It’s all very lovely, we’re sure you’ll agree. If Nintendo offer any more news regarding pre-Christmas bundles, read it here when it happens.


Joji 17 Sep 2004 16:50
Nice xmas present ideas. Still think the stand alone GBASP should be 60 pounds though.

Red and silver is an odd colour for a DK GBASP, why did they not just give us the yellow DK one available in japan?

I do like the idea of packaging a game with each GBA though for a price, the way they once used to with GB and Tetris. The question for Nintendo is will they release the DS for sale, with a free game in the box?

Also notice that Nintendo have console plus a game packs for the GC for ages, but there are none for the GBA/GBASP that I know of, until now (a bit late don't you think). I have no idea why this is, but I'd really like to know why.

I'd like to see the return of this, surely they can spare us the pain once again. Can anyone at Spong enlighten me?
Kaxxx 17 Sep 2004 16:57
Ive never been one for these special edition things but that Zelda one is sweet.
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Mecha Ghandi 17 Sep 2004 17:05
Joji wrote:

Also notice that Nintendo have console
>plus a game packs for the GC for ages, but there
>are none for the GBA/GBASP that I know of, until
>now (a bit late don't you think). I have no idea
>why this is, but I'd really like to know

I'd like to see the return of this,
>surely they can spare us the pain once again. Can
>anyone at Spong enlighten me?

I think it's probably related to the fact that the Gamecube has faced much stiffer competition than the GBA.

When a game like Mario Kart, Zelda or Metroid comes out for the Cube, that becomes a reason for many people to buy the system. By offering a spangly new bundle with a nicely-designed box, Nintendo can lure PS2 and Xbox owners over to their corner of the shop. It was the first Double Dash bundle pak that got me...

I think with the GBA, there has been less need for any such promotions. Until recently, if you were in the market for a handheld, you'd buy a GBA. End of story. Now the GBA SP is finally facing competition it makes sense for Nintendo to come up with some fresh marketing ideas... ie stuff like this.

Alan is my first name 17 Sep 2004 21:41
The SP is going to go out of style. They slashed the price and are entering the land of DS. This is nothing more but an incentive for people to buy an SP while they still hold appeal. NOTHING more than that.

Also, as sexy as these are, they can't match up at all with the Classic NES GBA SP that have been made available and I proudly own. I could be playing Mary Kate and Ashley's 16th Birthday game and still have a good time, just so long as I was playing it on a classic GBA SP.

tyrion 20 Sep 2004 12:51
This is not meant as a flame or a troll, just a basic quest for knowledge.

Every time I see a new GBA-SP edition I wonder why are people so happy when Nintendo "create" these SP special editions and packs?

Judging from the tone of the current PSTwo and earlier PSP discussions I get the distinct impression that if game-themed PSPs were released every two months, we would be swamped by "money-grabbing Sony" comments.

What is it about Nintendo that makes people think they are doing this sort of thing to make consumers happy and not to string out the sales of their handheld console?
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