Killzone 2 - Now Fact - PSP vs PS3 Chatter

Feel the hype as ‘Halo-killer’ sequel emerges

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Killzone 2 - Now Fact - PSP vs PS3 Chatter
According to IGN, work on the sequel to Guerrilla’s Killzone is already well apace, interesting news for the PlayStation 2 FPS that has promised so much since it emerged earlier this year.

The phrase ‘Halo-killer’ was coined for the future-shooter as soon as the PlayStation fanbase seized the news, a subtitle that early playtests have failed to validate.

Anyway, according to the recent report, Killzone 2 is well into (some speculate past) initial concept stage, and, perhaps most interesting of all, will not be released for the PlayStation 3 as some news outlets had speculated.

This leaving only the PlayStation 2 and PSP to go at, one wonders in what direction SCEE’s development strategy lies.

As soon as further clarification comes to light, we’ll let you know.


Joji 6 Sep 2004 13:26
The FPS arena keeps getting bigger. There is so much out there now and the all look great, it's making things harder for us to choose.

I think it's nice that each home system now has a FPS that stands out from the rest, and is only on their console (Halo, Metroid and Killzone).

config 6 Sep 2004 14:12
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Coxy 6 Sep 2004 16:01
Coxy 6 Sep 2004 16:01
config 6 Sep 2004 20:54
mac wrote:

>i think it's a bit early to worry about killzone
>2, killzone 1 isn't even out yet !!

Hey! No need to reply twice, I saw it first time! :)

This whole KZ2 hype is just garbage.

Let's wait 'til the first one is out.

eric 25 Apr 2007 22:29
psp rules
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