Mario Party 6's 'controller-less' secret revealed

Deja-vu alert as Nintendo explains another mystery concept

Posted by Staff
Another Nintendo ‘secret’ has been bust wide open this morning, with an explanation of how Mario Party 6’s ‘controller-free’ operation is to be handled. It uses a microphone. After the DS’s ‘secret port’ was also revealed as a microphone hole, we’re beginning to wonder if even the mysterious Nintendo Revolution might just turn out to be a massive microphone with added microphone peripherals.

Casting aside such facetious remarks, Mario Party 6 does sound as appealing as its predecessors. Not least because the mic peripheral will come bundled with the game, allowing players to audibly answer various quizzical conundrums as the various board-based mini-games progress.

It’s due for release in the US on December 6th, although we’re still waiting for an official European release date. We’ll update you as soon as that has been announced. If any other titles are to benefit from mic-compatibility, we’ll tell you that too... probably quite loudly.


NiktheGreek 27 Aug 2004 13:39
That's a bit of a pain - we don't usually see voice-recognition games here due to the problems of large regional variation in accents and a whole bunch of other languages being used elsewhere on the continent. I wouldn't be surprised if they confirmed the European release date as "13th Never, 2004".

That said, am I the only one who's getting a wee bit tired of Mario Party anyway?
Ditto 27 Aug 2004 15:10
The Pokemon N64 microphone game from Spaceworld 98 got a release in the US/Jap, didn't it?

I quite like the look of that one, not a serious game but could have been entertaining.

Mario Party is good but WarioWare is better - no boring board.

I think that a microphone is a good idea and could make it amusing. Esp if they play it back to you. They'd need pretty good "drunk correction" though.
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covmat 1 Sep 2004 17:57
Strange choice on a handheld... on the bus shouting 'Go Yoshi Go' or something into a colourful Ninty mic? It'll never catch on.
But tickling Pikachu on a touchscreen? It's a winner!
Nintendo King 8 Sep 2004 23:26
That doesn't sound like a really cool idea. I mean, Hey You Pikachu sounded revolutionary to me. I actually tried it... it wasn't fun at all. Half the time he had no idea what I was saying. Plus Mario Party is a over-used franchise and SHOULD DIE!
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