Daytona 2 Tracks To Resurface In Outrun 2

Sega’s drift siblings to be united

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Daytona 2 Tracks To Resurface In Outrun 2
According to reports cropping up overnight, Outrun 2 for Xbox will feature tracks taken from the acclaimed Daytona 2 and the oft-overlooked SCUD Race, in yet more great news regarding the conversion.

From what we can gather at this stage, three Daytona 2 tracks and four SCUD Race courses will feature, bringing together the delicious trilogy of Sega’s drift-centric lift-off-tap-brake-hard-on-the-gas-opposite-lock coin-op gems.

The following list has been widely posted:

Bonus Track 1 - Daytona USA 2
Stage 1: Intermediate stage (Fun park)
Stage 2: Expert stage (City)
Stage 3: Beginner stage (Speedway Oval)

Bonus Track 2 - SCUD Race
Stage 1: Beginner stage Day (Bayside)
Stage 2: Beginner stage Night (Airport)
Stage 3: Intermediate stage (Asian culture - mountains, statues and the like)
Stage 4: Expert stage (European culture - castles and lakes)

However, Sega Europe would not confirm this at time of press. A spokesperson talking to us this morning however, did say, “I can confirm that tracks form other Sega racers will be included in the Xbox version of Outrun 2, though we cannot release specifics at this time.”

Great news, we’re sure you’ll agree. We’ll bring you full updates on all things Outrun in the coming weeks.



Joji 23 Aug 2004 12:31
Wow, you lucky Xbox people. Should add a nice something else to play when you get bored.

I never understood why Scud Race or Motor Raid never made it to PS2, cause they were very cool arcade games. All the mentioned tracks are very welcome all the same. I'll be holding out for a Xbox for Xmas then.
NiktheGreek 23 Aug 2004 14:18
The problem with converting Scud Race and Motor Raid is that they ran off the Model 3 and Model 2 boards respectively. As evidenced by the Dreamcast conversions of Virtua Fighter 3tb and Sega Rally 2 (which they elected to use the PC version as a basis for porting from), even if the machine is more powerful, Model 3 games are a pain in the arse to port nicely.

There's also the age issue. A perfect port of Motor Raid or Scud Race is probably not an impossible thing to pull off in this day and age, but will those games really entice many people now that they're seven or eight years old? If I were to hazard a guess, I'd assume that the only way we'd see these running on a console is via that lovely Sega Ages range.

I'd probably buy both still. I loved Motor Raid in the arcade, sorta like a souped-up Road Rash.

Outrun 2 is looking better all the time, glad to see it's one arcade conversion that will have some severe longevity-boosting treatment. The day before I first played it in the arcades, I picked up an Xbox for £75 new. To say I'm extremely happy is an understatement.
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