SEGA’s New Mini-Megadrive Exposed

6-in-1 16 bit splendour.

Posted by Staff
SEGA’s Megadrive Play TV 6-in-1 plug’n’play unit has been revealed, and it looks as nice and shiny as SEGA-philes could possibly hope for. The Japanese unit comes with six games built in, which have been confirmed as Sonic The Hedgehog, King Of Monsters, Golden Axe, Flicky, Puyo-Puyo and Kid Chameleon.

The diminutive demi-console is due for release in Japan at the beginning of September, and import retailers are already taking pre-orders for less than $60. A European version is expected in the run up to Christmas, possibly with a different selection of games.


Joji 18 Jun 2004 11:49
These 6-in-1 game things are become quite a side salad of gaming. Namco also has a few containing arcade classics. Is this the true power of emulation? Where's the SNES version then, or proper CPS1/2 version of old 80/90s arcade stuff?

Speaking of emulation is PSP running a PS2 emulator or is it the tech doing stuff?
Alan is my first name 19 Jun 2004 05:32
I think there should be a law stating that ALL video game controlers must have Golden Axe and Sonic built into them.
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