Infinium’s Kevin Bachus Accused of Lying to US Courts

Hell hath no fury like a webmaster scorned.

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Infinium’s Kevin Bachus Accused of Lying to US Courts
The rather spectacular battle between Phantom console firm Infinium Labs and technology portal HardOCP escalated this morning, with the front page of the HardOCP site carrying the headline “Infinium Labs Lies?”

The story begins with a quote from former Xbox man Kevin Bachus, who states “...ultimately all I have is my credibility.” It then points to allegations that Infinium purposefully misled the US courts.

The allegations, stemming from the impressively efficient community, state, “For months, Infinium Labs has made numerous claims to the U.S. District Court that they have no ties to Texas and in the words of Timothy Roberts, "I have never conducted business in the State of Texas." It can now be revealed what many have suspected and several have known for several months: that Infinium Labs not only has numerous contacts and conducted business in the State of Texas, but had an office in Richardson, Texas, directly contradicting what Kevin Bachus and Roberts have declared to the court.”

Ouch. The report also alleges details of various other Infinium employees, including CEO Tim Roberts, conducting business in Texas, in the latest round of Infinium’s battle to maintain raised credibility following last month’s E3.

We’ll bring you updates as and when they occur. Stay tuned, this is going to be great!


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