Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles update

Frame rate issues fixed and more.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles update
In answer to some of the criticism levelled at Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles after E3, Square Enix has come out fighting. Following the announcement that the game will be delayed in order to bottom out certain “technical issues,” SE has spoken of enhanced TV support and more.

Indeed, the game will run at 30 frames per second, much faster than the demos that have been shown around the world. Although this is now seen as the bare minimum, its still faster than the human eye can detect, so who cares?

Breaking from Nintendo’s “everything in-game must load within two seconds” mantra, Square-Enix has stated that the free-roaming action RPG will see in-game load pauses of around five seconds. Again, not brilliant, but not fatal.

What’s more, talk has again sparked up today regarding the role the Game Boy Advance will play in the multiplayer side of Crystal Chronicles. Some reports this morning are suggesting that the GBA will be essential to enjoy the game, which we see as highly likely.

Everything on everything Final Fantasy, as it breaks, right here.


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