World Exclusive: Half-Life 2 to be nVidia-only game

Insiders suggest exclusivity deal.

Posted by Staff
The scientist returns
The scientist returns
We can reveal that Valve is currently looking at making its massively anticipated FPS sequel Half-Life 2 exclusive to nVidia graphics cards, in what will be the first deal of its kind in the PC gaming sector.

This massive story comes from insiders at nVidia, who are boasting that this will be the first of many such deals for exclusive content, bespoke to its cards.

We have been aware for some time that both ATi and nVidia have been courting the publishers and developers of AAA PC games, trying to gain card-exclusivity.

“You will see a massive change in the structure of the PC games industry in the next few months, with the first batch of announcements hitting at E3,” one insider told us. “Instead of being referred to as PC gaming, you will become an nVidia or ATi gamer, as distinct as Sony and Nintendo.”

This concept has been circulating for some time, with gossip about graphics cards overshadowing next-gen console talk at the recent Game Developer’s Conference.

Remember where you read this first, and expect confirmation at this May’s E3.


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